Bobby Clampett is a PGA Tour Winner, Champions Tour Player, CBS Sports Broadcaster, and author. Bobby’s instructional insights and abilities as a teaching professional earned him the PGA of America’s top teaching designation: PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching. Bobby is the first lifetime member of the PGA Tour to earn this honor. 
In 2007, Bobby developed a revolutionary teaching model, based on his own career and study of the best players… The IMPACT ZONE®. As demand for his teaching skyrocketed, Bobby recruited the best teachers and coaches in the game to become certified in his method. Led by Bobby’s top Master Instructors, IMPACT ZONE® Golf now runs programs across the country.
Known now as the “Father of Impact,” many teachers agree that Bobby has had a greater influence on improving golfers games than any instructor in recent history. Bobby’s discovery dismantles all the confusing, conflicting golf theories and gives golfers an understanding and hope they never thought possible. Golf is no longer an enigma or mystery as it has long been, thanks to Bobby’s discovery. 
Impact-Based® teaching is the foundation of the Impact Zone Golf® philosophy. We concentrate on improving your impact, rather than focusing on your swing style. After all, the best players in the world all have different swing styles- but are exactly the same at impact!