The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series:


How any golfer, from Sunday hacker to PGA Champion – can reverse-engineer their swing, diagnose what went wrong, and identify the appropriate cure… thus playing better golf not only during that round, but future rounds of golf as well.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​The secret to hitting the ball FLUSH on the sweet spot the highest percentage of time.
  • ​Simple keys to giving yourself the LARGEST Margin of Error when playing any shot, any round of golf (critical to avoiding gut-wrenching blowups that'll KILL your score!)
  • ​The different ways golfers hit the ball fat and how to shut them down once and for all.
  • ​How to avoid overcompensating against hitting fat shots - no more air-mailing skulled wedges over the green into the trash.
  • ​Understanding "gear effect" and how it can cause even near-perfect shots to go way off-line.
  • ​The secret anatomy of the dreaded "SHANK" - simple fixes that will make dead solid sure you'll never suffer that curse again.
  • ​Why proper club fitting is so important to achieving consistency, especially if you want to drive it long and straight off the tee.
  • ​How clubface location affects ball spin (these details are critical for anyone who ever plays in any kind of wind.)

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