The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series:


Step by step destroys golf’s 3 most destructive myths… false thinking that has been burned into your brain through countless repetition by well-meaning, yet mis-guided instruction.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​The so-called "Biblical" truths about the golf swing that "infect your mind" and literally tie-your-hands to keep you from playing your best.
  • ​A secret "Aiming Point" concept that enables your hands to accelerate through the ball and hit the best shot possible time after time.
  • ​An absolutely INSANE myth about head position that practically forces you to mis-hit the ball - and a stupid simple drill to re-program your swing for reliable, quality shots instead.
  • ​The 3 vital ingredients you must put into every practice swing to guarantee solid impact and free-flowing movement every time you step up to the tee… so you can bomb away with confidence!
  • ​5 easy cures for the dreaded "Ball-Bound Disease" - which can tear your game apart before you even play a single hole.
  • ​Keys to proper swing concentration… there's a focal point that "seems" right, but in reality it will sabotage even your very best efforts.

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