The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series:

Charting Your Course Strategy

When you take the simple steps Bobby lays out in this program to scope out and create a clear course strategy before you play, you gain the extra confidence you need to make that round the best it can be.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​What measurements you need to make when analyzing a course - the critical numbers that matter most to creating a winning strategy based on YOUR game.
  • ​The specific data you MUST get from the practice tee - without it, there's no way to effectively plan a successful round on ANY layout.
  • ​Keys to maximizing your "Margin of Error" when planning your round - recognizing the safest way to plan your approach to give you the best chance at avoiding disaster and big number scores.
  • ​How to analyze the different variables of a bunker so that when faced with a sand shot, you have the information you need to get up and down without blinking.
  • ​The most common mistake made when calculating yardage. (Get this wrong and prepare for almost certain doom deep in the weeds.)
  • ​Recognizing and overcoming "Visual Intimidation" - don't blame yourself, wily Golf Course Architects have designed terrifying holes that in truth aren't nearly as difficult as they seem off the tee.
  • How knowing pin placements before your round can affect the way you warm up before the round on the practice range. (Plus you'll discover a sneaky trick that could indicate pin positions that tournament officials are planning to use!)
  • ​The secret to taking one look at a hole and instantly knowing how to avoid "double-bogeyville."
  • ​How to chip to get the most consistent results in getting tight to the pin... including the use of different clubs, such as a 7 iron, hybrid, or putter.

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