The Impact Zone Advanced Training Series:

Clubhead Lag

Bobby describes the reasons why Clubhead Lag is so important to your game, along with simple steps you can take today to strengthen this foundational principle in your existing swing.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​A clear definition of clubhead lag and why it matters to your ability to play your very best golf.
  • ​Keys to using load, lag, and workhorse to increase quantity and quality of lag.
  • ​Simple, effective drills to increase the quantity and quality of lag in your swing, including: The Throwing Drill, The Band Drill, The Swimming Pool Drill, The Long Grass Drill, The Towel Drill, The Slow-mo Drill.
  • ​Why time invested on these drills produces faster, better results than actually hitting balls.
  • ​The importance of the right index finger and its proper placement and use to stabilize force and increase lag for maximum power.
  • ​The secret behind "through the ball" acceleration mastered by all the great players (the truth is out there but it's NOT what you expect).
  • ​Fundamental aspects of fitness you want to have in place... you can be elderly, even with physical limitations and restrictions, but still have great lag and play solid golf.

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