The Impact Zone Training System Volume 1:


Bobby gives a personal demonstration of his revolutionary IMPACT-BASED teaching and the 5 Dynamics essential to becoming a great ball-striker.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​The "secret of golf" - this will annihilate any and all misconceptions you have about what it truly takes to deliver consistent, powerful impact over and over again.
  • ​Why most golfers slice the ball - in fact, they can't help themselves no matter what they do - and how to fix that forever.
  • ​A fundamental physics principle (don't worry, no math involved!) that enables you to putt consistently and accurately.
  • ​The secret to hitting putts that makes its optimal impact position different from every other shot in golf.
  • ​Why your "Lag Finger" is so critical to delivering the clubhead into the ball with accuracy, speed, and power.
  • ​A simple "line in the sand" drill that enables you to easily integrate and measure each of the 5 key dynamics.
  • ​A huge mistake most golfers make on the downswing that sabotages almost every chance they have for hitting quality shots... it causes so much pain, yet it's simple to avoid.
  • ​How to minimize the "Skid Factor" when putting to improve your ability to sink more putts and keep them true and on line.

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