The Impact Zone Training System Volume 2:


Work “one-on-one” with Bobby as he guides you through the drills and secrets that will help you master the 5 Dynamics.

In this video you will learn:

  • How a simple change in grip pressure enables your entire putting stroke (and swing) to move in harmony - which produces consistency in putting.
  • What you need to focus on INSTEAD of the ball - paying too much attention to the ball can actually destroy your chances for quality golf shots.
  • ​How to overcome the fear of hitting the ground - which costs you strokes big time every round you play. (Don't worry, you won't chilly dip shots ever again when you deliver the club).
  • ​The greatest fallacy in golf that is one of the worst things you've ever been told. Instead, here's what you need to focus on to hit that quality shot.
  • ​Specific steps to increase both the quantity and quality of lag in your swing.
  • ​Discover exactly what causes a shank - and the simple remedy you can put to use IMMEDIATELY and eliminate it FOREVER.
  • ​How to instantly recognize the core difference between a practice swing divot that will produce disaster vs. one that practically guarantees a perfect shot.
  • ​The importance of developing a quality "waggle" - get this right and your swing will almost work like magic.
  • Finally, understand exactly how anyone - any size, any physique, anyone - can leverage proper weight shift so the hips can deliver speed and power to the swing.

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