The Impact Zone Training System Volume 3:

The Clinic

Become part of the clinic as Bobby teaches a group of amateur golfers to show how easy it is to improve your impact through the 5 Dynamics.

In this video you will learn:

  • ​Why listening to "the best teachers" in the game actually caused Bobby's game to go into a tailspin that took him years to unravel - and now YOU get to benefit from his painful journey.
  • ​The part of the body responsible for squaring the clubface at impact - and NO, it doesn't involve your fingers.
  • ​What happens when you attempt to adhere to that classic advice - "Keep your eye on the ball" - (Hint: It ain't good.)
  • ​The "aiming point" concept - exactly where to put your focus during each swing to achieve the very best results.
  • ​The crazy secret to improving 12 shots per round in 35 seconds (okay, your handicap reduction may NOT be THAT drastic, but the principles that enable this will DEFINITELY improve your game - guaranteed!)
  • ​The two worst pieces of advice every golfer gets, which practically guarantee bad results at impact.
  • ​The most important aspect of the golf swing that almost every golf teacher never mentions... this is why golfers are so frustrated, because even though they spend big money on lessons, they don't get better.

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